Talking to our children about drugs needs to become as second nature and as necessary as talking to them about their day.

We cannot live in denial and think “it couldn’t happen, not my kid”. I realize that many times it is easier to not talk about it, or we fear if we bring it up, we might plant some idea in their heads, this is simply not true.

Please trust me when I say their heads/minds will be filled by someone when it comes to drugs, it needs to be parents, grandparents, guardians.

Remind yourself that that conversation is an investment in the health of your child.

Lavin Schwan

Joey's Story, Bellevue Recovery & Support Services

Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services recognizes the importance of the work that CARSA is doing. We appreciate the focus CARSA has on preventing prescription drug misuse. Working in collaboration with CARSA, we can all serve the families in our community more effectively.

Kathy Oliver

Director of Seneca County Job and Family Services