CARSA is a Coalition in Seneca County that is funded with local levy dollars through the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties. CARSA was born out of the Seneca County Health Alliance Health Assessment which provided data that was used initially to apply for and receive the Drug Free Communities grant in 2006. In 2013, the Board received the Ohio Traffic Safety Office “Safe Communities” Grant with CARSA with implementing the outreach to the community. We continue that work today. CARSA is a member of the Statewide Prevention Coalition Association and CADCA. CARSA, along with the MHRSBD is currently engaged in the SPF-PFS grant process and have targeted prescription drug misuse in grades 9-12. Using the SPF-PFS process we have worked to create a evidenced based, data driven response to our community substance use issues.

CARSA is made up of community stakeholders and various sectors that are committed to increasing public health and well being who also oversee our comprehensive approach to addressing substance use in Seneca County. By utilizing environmental strategies, building capacity and membership, and providing education and awareness CARSA is seeking long term community level change.

Environmental Prevention Strategies-CARSA collaborates with local and statewide partners to address underage drinking by addressing access and availability. CARSA initiates alcohol permit holder compliance checks and coordinates our Alcohol Server Knowledge Trainings twice per year. CARSA promotes The Parents Who Host Program and Start Talking in the community as well as The BUZZKILL Program on our local university campuses. CARSA is tasked with mobilizing the community to create change around the issue of traffic safety by engaging business, school and governmental sectors.

Education– CARSA assists with the coordination of Sober Truth and the 5 Minutes for Life Program provided in the school setting. These programs are provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and have become a yearly occurrence within the schools by making a positive impact on the youth.

Awareness– CARSA and its community partners developed the interactive program “Hidden in Plain Sight” that has been used throughout out county to bring awareness to high risk teen behavior. We also highlight Alcohol awareness month and provide toolkits for Red Ribbon week in our local schools.

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Our kids want to have the conversation about the dangers of prescription drug misuse.  We’re here to help you start the conversation today.