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Reconciliation among Various Groups Genocide survivors released prisoners Since 2001 the government of Rwanda has decided to release genocide perpetrators from prisons. After being released they have to go back in their communities where they will leave with victims. Many victims’ families are frustrating and are scared to live again with those who have killed their relatives. The relationship between the two groups is a big (...) posted:
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Mugina, Kamonyi district – 17th- 24thJuly 2012 Background Empower Program The Empower program has been in use in Rwanda for healing trauma related to the genocide for four years now. This was the first time that it has been used by CARSA. Participants The twenty-four participants come from the area of Mugina in the district of Gitarama. Eight of the twenty-four participants were women, the rest were men. 14 of the (...) posted:
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Friday, June 15th marked the culmination of CARSA’s work with the authorities in NYAMIYAGA Sector in the district of KAMONYI to run a football tournament for reconciliation. Some may ask what a football tournament has to do with reconciliation and the answer is that it doesn’t directly have very much to do with reconciliation. However, CARSA’s goal in working on this project was to reach the general community in the area, on a (...) posted:
4-07-2012 - Saa 15-31'
Trauma healing and reconciliation seminar On March 26-28, in collaboration with God cares, CARSA organized and held a three days trauma healing and reconciliation workshop for women in Goma city (East province of the Democratic Republic of Congo).45 women could attend the seminar. Most of the participants were old women who have experienced atrocious violence and some of them were from Masisi and Rutshuru who had fled (...) posted:
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Conferences in DRC On October 25-26, CARSA organized and held a conference for the pastors from different denominations operating in Goma city. The purpose of the conference was to sensitize the men of God to be light and the salt of the country as they are interred the period of presidential elections. 68 church leaders attended the conference for the first day and 72 for the second day. They all appreciated the idea of bringing (...) posted:
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